My Work
Showreel 2020 // Drama


A collection of my recent short film, music video, and other fiction projects. 

Showreel 2020 // Documentary


A collection of recent documentary and corporate video work, showcasing my style in factual content.

Red Touch Yellow // short film


An entry for the 2018 VF48 Hours film competition.

Won runner runner-up in the national round of the competition.

Alice Snedden's Bad News: Season 1


A comedy documentary series for TVNZ On Demand.

I was B camera operator for this series. Season 2, which I DP'ed, is coming soon!

Coco Solid 'Heaven's Gate' // music video



A documentary style music video, showcasing the budding Vogue scene in Auckland.


Camera Operator Holds a Ronin

I am a young cinematographer based in Auckland, New Zealand with a passion for telling the stories that don't get told enough.

Born in Portugal, bred in the small Waikato town of Te Aroha, with a stint in France as a gap year, I have lived, travelled and worked around the world. I have a deep appreciation of different cultures and ways of living, and a fierce love for New Zealand's unique place in the world.

I have a background in a diverse range of tech roles, including camera assisting, lighting, editing and post-production workflows. I have worked on high-end drama productions, documentaries, run-and-gun TV shows, short films, music videos and more. Choose your intensity - I can work with the discipline of a big set, or the unplanned and collaborative nature of a small documentary project.

I am also very active and spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, and am particularly interested in projects that have an environmental focus.

Get in touch if you have any interesting ideas you'd like to see come to life!


Bookings & Availability:
+64 9 632 1032